There are many FAQ’s…. Not Here?

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  • Is my KC experience confidential?

Without doubt! This is KC’s first priority.

We travel in unmarked vehicles and are not uniformed to give that sense of privacy from neighbours.

With your permission photos can be used to help others. They can be posted on KC’s website with links to our Facebook & Twitter pages.  Reviews can either be named or anonymous.

  • Do I have to sign a contract before KC’s starts work?

Yes, this is important for both parties. A copy can be downloaded or viewed on KC’s website.

Think before you print! Copies will be issued by post, email or hand prior to services being provided.

  • Is this the worst you’ve seen?

Not at all! Firstly, we are not here to judge you.

Apart from others, I’ve even seen worse in my own home a few years back. On the television it’s been proven, that there are many people that struggle with order.

  • I’m too embarrassed!

If you have too much clutter, you’re already too embarrassed to have family and friends round.

We are here to help and in no time will you be proud of your space again.

  • I’m apprehensive!

Bring Clarity back into your life!

“If you think of doing something for too long, it will never get done!”

  • My Partner/Husband/Family, feel we don’t need help.

Look after number one. If you’re reading this it’s because you know you do. We can just concentrate on you and your things. We cannot touch theirs unless permission is in place.

  • How much will it cost and how long will it take?

All jobs/spaces will differ, depending on the amount of clutter this can be reviewed and discussed in your consultation session. It can be a space at a time or the entire property. www.kindclarity.com/prices

  • Will you throw away anything without my permission?

No. we work closely with you. It’s your decision to keep, throw, give or sell.

  • Do I need to be there whilst you work?

Yes, it’s best if you are as these are your possessions. Yet if you are happier not being present this is your choice.

  • Do I need to help you?

No, although you can if you wish.

You may prefer to invite a good friend or family member for support.

  • The children will be at home. Is that ok?

Ideally, it is easier for you to concentrate on the job in hand as children are distracting. You will get more out of your KC experience without them around. If this is not possible, then we can work around them, it may just take longer.

On the other hand if we are decluttering the children’s bedroom / Playroom, it would be better to have them around , getting them involved and showing them how to achieve a better,  more functional space.

  • I have animals, do you mind?

No, as long as they are away from the job in hand. If they need lots of attention, especially dogs, it will be best to make alternative arrangements during visits.

  • Do you clean?

Yes, whilst de-cluttering a basic clean is done.

KC isn’t a cleaning service, it’s a clearing service.

If you feel, you need a spring clean, inclusive of cookers fridges and freezers this will need to be left to the specialists.

  • Do I need to provide cleaning products or bin bags?

No, I will bring a selection but if an excessive amount is required this will be added to your quotation.

  • Do you dispose of Items or Rubbish after each session?

It’s part of the service. KC aims to recycle items where possible.

Rubbish will be divided into its categories to accomplish this and taken away. Depending on the amount or a skip can be arranged by an environmental disposal company.

Charity, KC can arrange this and transport it to a charity of your choice.

KC can advise you how to sell your things on an auction site, such as Ebay or provide this service with an additional fee per item.

  • Do I need to clean or tidy before my KC Experience?

No. Please do not worry.

“A home is not a home unless it’s lived in.”

Its Kc’s job to help you and it will be a great relief for you when your space/s rises from mayhem and becomes a better, practical, more enjoyable space to be in.

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